Yearly Heater Tips: First-Time Turn-On.

Gas or Electric?

If you have a gas meter on the side of your house or property building, you may have a gas- fueled furnace.

** BTU & CSU do NOT provide natural gas service. ** Contact Atmos Energy for more info.

Check Your AC Filter!

Change your AC filter every month! Not only is it your responsibility per your Lease, a dirty filter can also lead to higher utility costs and less efficient heating and cooling.

Test Smoke Detectors!

Check that all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Remember to replace batteries when needed!

Is Something Burning?

Turning on your heater for the first time may generate a mild smoke smell coming from your AC vents. This is normal, as built-up dust must be burnt off. If the smell persists for more than an hour, turn off the heater and notify our office immediately.